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How to Uninstall Software Programs From Mac OS X Computer

This blog is written by professional team experts of MAC OS X SUPPORT which describes the process on how to remove installed programs from the Mac OS X computer. Well, this could simply be done by dragging the programs from the “Applications” folder right into the trash. But yes, of-course, a user can surely delete few apps from within Launchpad itself.

Uninstall Mac Applications

Few steps to uninstall programs on Mac PC devices instructed by MAC TECHNICAL SUPPORT professionals 

Part 1 describes about deleting programs by using the Trash

  • Log into the Mac with the help of administrator account if you have one created.
  • Open up the Applications folder in the next process.
  • Drag all the programs or folders with programs that you want to delete it to the Trash folder.
  • Emptying of the Trash section is necessary as well.

Part 2 discusses about “Deletion of the Support and Preference Files”

  • Open up the Library folder.
  • Search for all the files that you want to remove.
  • Move only those files or folders that you have come across in the Trash folder.

Part 3 describes various other ways to delete programs

  • Open up the Launchpad from the Dock section
  • You are required to enable you app deletion process.
  • Click on the “X” icon for the app which you wish to delete.
  • Emptying of your Trash folder is essential again in this step.

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Steps to Resolve the “Wi-Fi- No Hardware Installed” Issue on MacBook or iMac in Mac OS X

If you are facing the issue that after awaking your Macbook from the sleep mode your Wi-Fi is not running at all, even after a reboot, you may be encountering the Wi-Fi: No hardware installed issue. But don’t worry it is simple to resolve this issue. It can easily be done by taking a professional assistance from Apple Macbook help team in case of any difficulty faced by users.

Actually the MacBook is facing difficulty in recognizing what devices it has to be switch on and what to be powered off, and this is the reason it can switch off the Wi-Fi even when the Apple Macbook is on. You can resolve this simple problem via reset the System Management Controller by pushing some of the keys.

What is the function of a System Management Controller in Macbook?

The System management controller (SMC) is a system in Mac machines which manage settings like keyboard backlighting, power management, battery charging, video switching, sleep and wake mode, LED indicators, and various other controls.

When your Mac awakes from the sleep mode, the System Management Controller will decide what devices it needs to switched off to save battery. And this is where the issue originates. The SMC receive the incorrect signal and thinks the Wi-Fi adapter should be switched off even when the Macbook comes back from the sleep mode.

  • To Resolve “Wi-Fi: No hardware installed,” Reset the SMC

 For the latest Macbooks


  • Plug the Apple Macbook into a power source
  • Push and simultaneously hold all these keys -Control + Shift + Option + Power
  • Now release the keys
  • Push the power button to turn it switch on

This will certainly resolve this issue.

  • If Your Macbook is Old


  • Unplug the Apple Macbook
  • Detach the battery
  • Push and hold the power button for 6 seconds
  • Place the battery back in and switch on your Macbook


  • For iMac


  • Switch off the iMac and unplug from the wall
  • Wait for 20 seconds
  • Plug back the iMac and switch it on

This will definitely resolve the issue.

  • Another Method


  • Click on the Network by launching the System Preferences.
  • Now from the left choose the Wi-Fi adapter in the list.
  • Choose make service active from the gear menu.
  • The final step is to click on the Apply button.

Restart your Mac to view if the problem is resolved.

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