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How to Resolve iTunes Error 0xe8000015?

Apple devices top the list, regarding quality and performance. They are widely preferred and appreciated for remarkable and unparallel features. However, nothing and no gadget is free from errors. Likewise, some Apple users have claimed to come across an annoying issue such as iTunes Error 0xe8000015.

As we all know iTunes is one of the far-reaching and essential applications for Apple customers. Any hindrance that disrupts the connectivity of Apple resources with it should be eliminated right away.

iTunes Error 0xe8000015

iTunes Error 0xe8000015- A Brief Overview

A good number of users have raised an alarm over this frequently occurring error. It pops up during the restore process. You might have noticed that when you connect iTunes with your computer, it works fine.

The problem arises when you try to restore your iPhone iPad through iTunes. On your screen flash is this- “ An unknown error occurred (0xE8000015) error.” Let me clear a few points. iTunes Error Code 0xe8000015 does not necessarily signify that something is wrong with your system. It is indeed a connectivity issue which stands all chances of getting recovered easily.

That is why we have come with this article to minimize your anxiety. We shall now have a look at the probable methods to eliminate the errors.

How Do I Fix It?

The following fixes have been stated by experts and verified by many clients. Hence, there should not be any second thoughts regarding implementing the methods. However, it is advisable to seek expert assistance if you feel unsure of your credibility.

Method 1

How many times have you shone like a winner when your system started working perfectly after a customary restart? Isn’t it? So that’s the primary step. Go ahead and reboot your device. If this did not suffice, then move on to the next method.

Method 2.

You might find this method trivial, but still, do not skip it. Prevention is always better than cure. To be on the safer side ensure proper internet connectivity. If you encounter weak signal then either wait for some time or move to a different location for better data connection.

Also, check the Wifi connection. Once the network strength is strong enough, reconnect to iTunes. Hopefully, this should resolve the issue. Unfortunately, if the glitch continues, simply try the other methods. Do not lose hope so soon.

Method 3.

Now, this is an interesting step. You must be aware of the iTunes Lockdown Folder which you had once synced with your computer. It’s time to remove it. The lockdown folder contains UDID iOS data.

A technical fault may corrupt the folder which in turn may create the iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes. All you have to do is find the folder in your computer and delete it permanently. Here is a step-by-step guide that you need to follow-

Steps For Mac

  • Finder>Go>Go To Folder
  • Type “/var/db/ lockdown” and click on the Return Button
  • Select the View icon to see the files and delete them.

Steps For Windows XP

  • Magnifying Glass>Start>Run
  • Type “%ProgramData%” and click on the Return Button
  • Double click on the Apple Folder and delete it. Just remember to log in as the Admin.
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Dial iTunes Support Number +1-800-763-4027 for Instant Help


The article aimed to provide precise and accurate solutions. In case, you are still stuck in the sign-in process due to an iPhone disabled connect to iTunes, contact Apple Support. We understand that you tried your best, so let us solve the error this time.

You can reach to us by various modes of communication. For one-to-one verbal communication call us at our iTunes Support Toll-Free number. Our official mail i.d is. We have been providing expert and effective solution to customers over the years without fail. It is easy to contact us and easiest for us to solve every error you come across.

How to Fix iTunes Error Code 9041?

An error ‘9041’ can be occurred when you are downloading, connecting, installing, syncing or updating your iTunes in Apple Mac device. You can only be efficient to Fix iTunes Error Code 9041 only when you make connection with team of qualified as well as experienced techies. They have talent to eliminate all your problematic hurdles within a short span of time. That’s why we are suggesting you to take assistance with them as fast as can be possible so that you can save your precious time instead of wasting the time in terminating it by your own.

Fix iTunes Error Code 9041

iTunes is a media player, media library and a device management application developed by Apple Inc. The application is a framework connects to various other components in the platform when it runs. It basically runs on Windows, MAC and has released music application for Android and other major mobile platforms as well. With having all its multiple useful features, you may get stuck at some point due to some technical glitches. And to annihilate all those hiccups, you just need to Upgrade iTunes.

Steps to Fix iTunes Error Code 9041:-

Keep your eyes feast on the below points to fix such type of error:

  • Press the Windows key and the letter ‘R’ at one time
  • Type the command “firewall.cpl”
  • Once the Windows Firewall pops, check if everything is highlighted in green or not
  • Click “Allow a program” button
  • Now, click on “Change settings”
  • Now, make sure that the iTunes is selected under both the categories of private and public networks
  • After that, select “Bonjour” only for Private networks
  • If the above-mentioned options are missing, choose the “Allow another app”
  • If you are not able to find iTunes, use the browse option to go to the location “C:\Program Files\iTunes\” and select iTunes.exe
  • If Bonjour is not in the list, follow the above step to add it into the list
  • After selecting the app and adding it into the list, click on OK button
  • Now close the Windows Firewall page
  • Apply any Windows Update to assure that the computer is being updated
  • Check if any driver software is missing or outdated

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iPhone Support Number

Get Together With Our Technicians For More Info

If you are still persisting the same error code in your iTunes, then don’t feel bad! There is one more option that you can try out. That opportunity is to give a single ring at iTunes Support Number +1-800-763-4027 and stay tuned with techies without any confusion. They will proffer you all the desired solution at an ease so that you can resolve your query on your own.

iTunes Error -45054
How to Fix Apple iTunes Error -45054?

If you see an error 45054 in iTunes on your Mac, then an iTunes could not connect to the Store and you will feel helpless at that time. Don’t worry! We have technical staff who have hands of experience in handling your hurdle which is nasty and complicated. They can effortlessly Fix Apple iTunes Error -45054 within a limited time period. You might get an error message “Mac device cannot be synced” in your iTunes.

Fix Apple iTunes Error -45054

Causes Of Getting iTunes Error -45054

Following are the reasons due to which such type of error is being encountered by you. Have a glimpse at once:

  • Due to corruption downloaded or installation process of iTunes software is not completed properly
  • Because of corruption in Windows registry
  • Virus or malware infection that has corrupted Windows system files or iTunes related program files
  • Another important program might be deleted by maliciously or mistakenly

Avoid all the above related causes otherwise you may encounter an iTunes error -45054. If you have already come-up with such type of problem facing error, then just keep reading on this article. Here, you will get the possible solution at an ease manner or else you may also avail Apple iTunes Repair Service at the comfort from your home to cop-up your hurdles.

Steps to Fix Apple iTunes Error -45054

There are different possible solutions that you can try to eradicate this hurdle. Just take a look at the below points and do the same in your Apple Mac device.

  • Check The Message For Steps: Some error codes and alert messages have a “More Information” button. So, just click on it to learn what to do first.
  • Update iTunes: If you are using an outdated version of iTunes, there is a possibility of getting such an error code. Hence, try to get the latest version of iTunes for your Mac to make iTunes completely free from error.
  • Update Your Computer: To get rid of this problem, just install updates for your Mac but if you have PC, get updates from Microsoft.
  • Check Your Settings and Your Security Software: You must require changing your settings or updating your security software if it’s causing an issue.
  • Restart: Restarting your device is the best way to terminating all the complicated hurdles. So, turn-off your computer and then turn it on again.

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Apple Mac Tech Support Number

Grasp Our Online Reliable Service For Handy Solution

If still you are experiencing the same hurdle on your Apple Mac device, then now there is only one way to exterminate and that is to lend a hand with techies. They are well-professional and have much experience in technical field so that they can handle your query in an efficient way. The only thing you have to do to reach over there is to make a call at iTunes Support Number +1-800-763-4027. One of our top-most technicians will immediately respond your call and help you out at an affordable cost.

How To Fix iTunes Error 16?

You may encounter an error 16 when you use iTunes to update or restore your iPhone or any other iDevice. Don’t get upset! If finding this error as there are many other ways that can easily Fix iTunes Error 16All you have to do is to just keep on reading this article in a serious manner. You will get the different solutions over here that you can use without any hurdles.

iTunes Error 16

Causes of iTunes Error 16

Below are the reasons through which you can find this particular error code. Take a look:

  • Due to iTunes software is not installed properly
  • Corruption in Windows registry from a recent iTunes related software change
  • Virus or malware infection that has corrupted iTunes related program files
  • Another program maliciously or mistakenly deleted

Due to having any of the above reasons, you may stuck with your iTunes somewhere while working. So, just try to ignore such things but if still happens, then simply Upgrade iTunes Software in your device. All your difficulties will surely be exterminated from the root and you can now easily be accessed your iDevice without any obstacle.

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Steps To Fix iTunes Error 16

Keep your eyes feast on the below points if want some handy solution of this query:

  • Firstly you should have to repair registry entries associated with this error
  • Now, conduct a full malware scan of your PC
  • Just clean out your system junk with disk cleanup
  • Update your PC device driver
  • After that utilize Windows system restore to undo recent system changes
  • Uninstall and reinstall the iTunes program associated with error 16
  • Now, run windows system file checker
  • Install all available windows updates
  • Perform a clean installation of windows

Apple Mac Technical Support Number

Avail Our iTunes Customer Service For Handy Solution

If the problem facing error code is still persisting in your iTunes, then don’t wait for anything now. Just give a ring at iTunes Tech Support Number +1-800-763-4027 and then make a connection with the tech-savvy person in a hassle-free manner. One of the well-educated and talented techies will answer your call and will let you inform all the desired solution within a limited time.

How To Fix An iTunes Error 11?

As we all know that an iTunes is the primary iDevice file management and syncing tool of many iOS users. While it gets the job done pretty well but sometimes when upgrading or restoring iTunes software, you may face an error code 11. You can Fix An iTunes Error 11 with the help of well-qualified technicians who have immense years of experience in technical field. They know very well the process of eradicating this particular issue within a minute. Continue reading

Mac iTunes Error -9808
How To Fix An Apple Mac iTunes Error -9808?

Whenever you are trying to restore your Apple Mac device, you may encounter an error code 9808. You can Fix An Apple Mac iTunes Error -9808 by temporarily blocking Apple’s firmware signing services. Such an error seems to usually trigger when unsigned or expired firmware is being used. It can be annihilated from top-to-toe when you lend a hand with top-most technical engineers. Continue reading

How To Fix An Apple iTunes Error 29?

Apple Mac users may always encounter an iTunes error and iTunes error 29 is just one of them. Changes in hardware, anti-virus application, both of them would cause such type of error. While, most of the non-tech person are getting failed to Fix An Apple iTunes Error 29 as they actually need to take assistance from dexterous techies. That’s why we proffer the blue-chip service in the market which is 100% reliable. The users can easily get knowledge of eradicating this hurdle by still sitting at home as we provide door-step solution.

If you confront this error code, your device will simply stop working. the error “29” is just nerdy shorthand for “system failure”. Well! There are many reasons why your iPhone’s operating system can malfunction, such as:

  • Changes in hardware
  • Problems with anti-virus and anti-malware applications
  • Problems with iTunes
  • Software bugs
  • Problems updating the operating system

Fix Apple iTunes Error 29


These sounds serious, of course. So, get rid of this hitches as sooner as possible. You can also grasp our Apple Mac Repair Service at the comfort from your home and get the steps of annihilating it.

Steps To Fix An Apple iTunes Error 29

Here are the different possible steps to Fix An Apple iTunes Error 29. Only you need to have a glimpse on the below points and do the same on your device:

  • Fix This Issue Without Data Loss: No one wants to loss their important data. All need that type of service where their data been saved. So, follow the below steps:
  • First of all connect your Apple Mac device to computer
  • Now, select iOS Repair Tools and then click the arrow button to continue
  • After that you will find the two repair modes, i.e., Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode could restore your iOS system without data loss. Hence, just select “Advanced Mode”

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  • And then confirm your device info and select download
  • After downloading, iOS data recovery would automatically start restoring iOS device
  • Finally you find that such an issue has been terminated

Apple Support Number

Avail Our Blue-Chip Service To Cope-With Your Hurdle

If the same error code is still displaying on your iPhone or Apple Mac device, then don’t feel blue! As a number of qualified technical engineers are working here all day all night. So, only you need to do is to make a call at Apple Mac Support Number +1-800-763-4027 and then get united with techies. They will guide you all the desired or possible steps at an ease.

iTunes Error -3
How To Fix iTunes Error -3?

An unknown error ‘-3’ occurred when trying to restore iPhone after iOS update. An iTunes shows an error message “iTunes can’t continue, error 3” while updating the iDevice. Don’t be disappointed! If you are unable to Fix iTunes Error -3 as we have top-most technical engineers who will assist you to come out from this type of hurdle.

Fix iTunes Error -3

As we all know that iTunes is a media player which offers the wide range of music to the users. If anyone has iPhone or iPad, then it is necessary to install iTunes to enhance the features. To resolve any issue that arises in iPhone, iPad or Mac, Restore iTunes Software will be the best option.

Causes of iTunes Error -3

  • There might be incomplete installation of iTunes software
  • Due to corruption is Windows registry
  • Due to virus or malware function that has corrupted iTunes related program files
  • iTunes related files have been deleted mistakenly

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Steps to Fix iTunes Error -3 and iPhone Restore Error -3

Below is the list of troubleshooting steps to eradicate your “iTunes Error 3” problem. Therefore, have an instant look at the below points:

  • First of all reboot computer and iDevice
  • After that put iDevice into DFU mode
  • Do a Factory Reset by visiting Settings -> General -> Reset All Settings -> Erase iDevice
  • Now clear all the Cookies, Catches and History from your Browser including Safari Bookmarks and Passcode
  • Restore your Apple Mac device without SIM card
  • Update iTunes to the latest version
  • After that reset “Network Settings”
  • Now, unplug extra USB device to be assure that only iPhone/iPad is connected
  • Update your computer to the latest OS
  • Disable any conflicting software including security software

iPhone Support Phone Number

Get the Best Possible Solution within a Minute- Just dial +1-800-763-4027

Yes, my friend! In case you are getting failed in annihilating iTunes error 3 even after following these above steps, then get the best possible relevant procedural steps information from our certified engineers. You only have to give a ring at iTunes Support Number +1-800-763-4027 and then you will be in connection with team of qualified staff to troubleshoot iTunes Restore Error -3 or other technical issues. They will guide you properly in a cost-effective manner and also proffer the solution with 100% satisfaction.