How to Resolve iTunes Error 0xe8000015?

Apple devices top the list, regarding quality and performance. They are widely preferred and appreciated for remarkable and unparallel features. However, nothing and no gadget is free from errors. Likewise, some Apple users have claimed to come across an annoying issue such as iTunes Error 0xe8000015.

As we all know iTunes is one of the far-reaching and essential applications for Apple customers. Any hindrance that disrupts the connectivity of Apple resources with it should be eliminated right away.

iTunes Error 0xe8000015

iTunes Error 0xe8000015- A Brief Overview

A good number of users have raised an alarm over this frequently occurring error. It pops up during the restore process. You might have noticed that when you connect iTunes with your computer, it works fine.

The problem arises when you try to restore your iPhone iPad through iTunes. On your screen flash is this- “ An unknown error occurred (0xE8000015) error.” Let me clear a few points. iTunes Error Code 0xe8000015 does not necessarily signify that something is wrong with your system. It is indeed a connectivity issue which stands all chances of getting recovered easily.

That is why we have come with this article to minimize your anxiety. We shall now have a look at the probable methods to eliminate the errors.

How Do I Fix It?

The following fixes have been stated by experts and verified by many clients. Hence, there should not be any second thoughts regarding implementing the methods. However, it is advisable to seek expert assistance if you feel unsure of your credibility.

Method 1

How many times have you shone like a winner when your system started working perfectly after a customary restart? Isn’t it? So that’s the primary step. Go ahead and reboot your device. If this did not suffice, then move on to the next method.

Method 2.

You might find this method trivial, but still, do not skip it. Prevention is always better than cure. To be on the safer side ensure proper internet connectivity. If you encounter weak signal then either wait for some time or move to a different location for better data connection.

Also, check the Wifi connection. Once the network strength is strong enough, reconnect to iTunes. Hopefully, this should resolve the issue. Unfortunately, if the glitch continues, simply try the other methods. Do not lose hope so soon.

Method 3.

Now, this is an interesting step. You must be aware of the iTunes Lockdown Folder which you had once synced with your computer. It’s time to remove it. The lockdown folder contains UDID iOS data.

A technical fault may corrupt the folder which in turn may create the iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes. All you have to do is find the folder in your computer and delete it permanently. Here is a step-by-step guide that you need to follow-

Steps For Mac

  • Finder>Go>Go To Folder
  • Type “/var/db/ lockdown” and click on the Return Button
  • Select the View icon to see the files and delete them.

Steps For Windows XP

  • Magnifying Glass>Start>Run
  • Type “%ProgramData%” and click on the Return Button
  • Double click on the Apple Folder and delete it. Just remember to log in as the Admin.
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Dial iTunes Support Number +1-800-763-4027 for Instant Help


The article aimed to provide precise and accurate solutions. In case, you are still stuck in the sign-in process due to an iPhone disabled connect to iTunes, contact Apple Support. We understand that you tried your best, so let us solve the error this time.

You can reach to us by various modes of communication. For one-to-one verbal communication call us at our iTunes Support Toll-Free number. Our official mail i.d is. We have been providing expert and effective solution to customers over the years without fail. It is easy to contact us and easiest for us to solve every error you come across.