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Mac OS is one of the best of its kind. However, it is not free from technical glitches. You may face errors like error code -43 Mac. The error may happen at the time of deleting a file or moving a file into the trash. The Apple Mac Error Code 42 may come with a message like ‘Mac fails to complete the operation as the required file is not present.’

However, to know more about the error code and to correct it, keep reading the article. Here, you can find the instructions to fix the error code.

Why Does The mac error code-43 Happen?

The Mac error code may occur due to several reasons at the time of deleting a file. If you save the file name with an illegal character like “@! # % ^ $,” then you may encounter this error. On the other hand, the same issue may occur if you are trying to move a file without any sharing point. Again, due to a locked file or incomplete downloaded file, you may face the error. There can be some other reasons as well. But you can solve the error with the help of the solutions.

How To Fix Error Code -43 Mac

If you are facing the same error and want to fix it on your own, then go through the instructions given below.

Method 1: Reset The PRAM

First of all, try to reset the PRAM to remove the error. To reset the PRAM, at first switch it off. After shutting it down wait for a while. After that, as soon as you turn on the Mac, press the key combination “Command + Option + P + R” before you see the startup screen. Hold the keys until you hear the startup sound three times. After that, release them and you may find the PRAM is reset. Hope, you may succeed in erasing the file.

Method 2: Delete The Locked Files

Secondly, you can try to delete the locked files to erase the Mac error code -43. For that, go to the Applications and click on Utilities. From that tab select the option ‘Terminal.’ On the Terminal tab, type the command ‘chflags -R nouchg’ and search for it. Now, at the bottom of the screen, you will find a symbol of Trash; double-click it. After that, press the key combination, Command + A so that you can select all the files from the trash. Then, drag only those files to the Terminal which you want to delete. Finally, complete the process by pressing the return key on the Terminal and clearing the Trash. Now check whether the error code exists or not. If it exists, move to the next solution.

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Method 3: Use Disk Utility

Again, if the issue is related to the corrupted or missing files then use the Disk utility tool to troubleshoot the error. The Disk Utility tool is an inbuilt tool of the Mac, which helps to deal with the drive related issues. To use the tool, go to the Apple menu and click the option to restart the Mac. As soon as the PC restarts, press and hold the keys Command + R together until you see the logo of the Apple.  Now, Open and continue the Disk Utility tool. At the left side of the panel, you will find the list of the disks. Select the required one from here and tap on the First aid button. Now it is checking the Disk Utility. After completing the process, take action according to the report.

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